What is it that you do? I’ve heard this question a lot lately as I’ve entered into a lesser known arena of the healthcare industry, onsite employee health. People don’t understand when I state that I operate onsite clinics for employers. As more and more employers are discovering the benefits of onsite clinics, I think it’s important that the general public is informed. After all, it’s the employees who benefit the most.

An onsite clinic is a venue in which an employer offers medical and wellness services at or near their corporate location, and services are delivered by licensed providers to the company’s employees. Services range from acute care to chronic disease management and everything in between. Employers decide what population the clinic is eligible. This could mean that only employees whom are insured through their employer can utilize the clinic or eligibility could be open to all employees, dependents and even retirees.

Onsite employee health clinics are a growing way to provide cost savings to employers’ through:

1. Increased productivity and ROI,
2. Increased employee retention and recruitment,
3. Occupational health services and support.

Employer health care costs have steadily risen over the past 15 years and were up again by 3% in 2016 according to the Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Education Trust Employer Health Benefits Survey (Kaiser Family Foundation). Onsite clinics are a proven way to lower these healthcare costs while bringing an added benefit to employees.

To the Employees, benefits include:

1. Quick and convenient access to quality providers,
2. Wellness programs and coaching,
3. Acute/primary care and chronic disease management.

Having access to high-quality providers right at their place of work assists people in becoming or staying healthy. Employees enjoy the convenience and benefits that come with onsite employee health clinics and feel appreciated by their employer.

Learn more at http://www.tantamhealth.com

Written By: Jamie Ozga, MBA, Chief Process Officer at Tantam Health

About Tantam Health: Tantam Health specializes in on-site and near-site clinics for employers. Their innovative programs, advanced reporting capabilities, and unique structure of their team allows them to deliver customized solutions that exceed their client’s expectations. The company takes a team-based approach to their worksite healthcare delivery model, adhering to patient-centered medical home (PCMH) guidelines set forth by the NCQA. Learn more at http://www.tantamhealth.com

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