In a recent interview, Phil Knight, creator and CEO of Nike, said: “We’re a marketing company, and the product is our most important marketing tool.”

Do yourself a favor, and read that statement again, really focus on the meaning of it. Nike, a company who fights only Disney for first place in true marketing genius, believes their product is their most important marketing tool. Not their numerous websites, not their famous ads, not their unbelievable ability to maximize social media of any kind.

From their cheapest kids sneaker to their most expensive named basketball shoe, before they worry about their marketing campaigns, commercials, Twitter feeds, or Facebook pages. NIKE, whose name alone could carry them through years of bad designs with little effect on the bottom line, focuses entirely on making sure their shoes and accessories are always up to par.

The products, the shoes, are their most important marketing tool. This idea is still fairly novel in the marketing world, despite the obvious success of companies like Nike.

What is our product? How focused are we on the quality of our product? Whether we are a restaurants, striving to produce unique food, a manufacturer, aiming to produce durable bikes or a service provider, offering a solution in health and wellness, we all have the same goals

  1. Is our product up to par?
  2. Are we Constantly improving your products and services?
  3. Are we bringing innovation and technology?
  4. Is our customer happy and staying with us (or keeps coming back)?
  5. Lastly, Is our product still your best marketing tool?

When running a company that provides a service in healthcare, wellness, where there are more variables than constants, we need to understand what is our ‘Product’. Most service providers sell solutions and a team that will execute these solutions. So, ultimately our team becomes our absolute essential tool for the success of our ‘product’.

As the years pass and the customer stay with us year after year, the fine line between our the product and team starts to disappear. The customer loyalty starts to rely more on the team and less on the product. This is a crucial time for an organization, as now they have developed the ‘secret sauce’ for their success, their ideal team. Now the word of mouth, basic marketing, sales and other traditional efforts will produce 10X more results.

Unfortunately, we have seen companies’ fall right around this stage, one too many times. Reasons?

  1. CEO/C-execs stop listening to the team that brought them to this success point
  2. Members of upper management start forgetting about the values they started the company and start to focus on $$$ signs
  3. The team frustrations start to impact their work and ultimately the cookie crumbles
  4. When all your focus turns to a plan to attract more customers and the product (your team) is completely forgotten.

Your team is your best marketing tool, take care of your team!

About Tantam Health

Tantam Health specializes in onsite clinics, worksite clinics and nearsite clinics. Their innovative programs, advanced reporting capabilities, and unique structure of their team allows them to deliver customized solutions that exceed their client’s expectations. The company takes a team-based approach to their worksite healthcare delivery model, adhering to patient-centered medical home (PCMH) guidelines set forth by the NCQA. Learn more at

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