There are two lives that we each have; one is professional and the other is personal. Though we may try to distance the two or set distinctions between each area of our lives- they are more similar than we think. In this, let’s compare finding a new job with finding a spouse.

The Dating Period

This is the period in which you are playing the field. Before you swipe “right” you might think to yourself, do I really want to have a drink or dinner with this person? Similarly, before you “quick apply” to that job, you might ask yourself if you could really see yourself doing that new job. Really, could I do that FOREVER (or the next few years)?

If all goes well on the first date, the reality of this person being in your life becomes a little exciting. All the imperfections are still cute and charming in this stage. Jobs are the same. We accept the initial phone interview and meet in person. We look past those “I can handle that” parts of the new job because the prospect of long-term employment is attractive.

The Engagement

When you think you have found that special someone, the next thing to do is try to make it official with a ring (or some other token of your affections for one another). Similarly, the prospective job makes you an offer. The offer is a new job’s token of affection that they want you to stick around for a while.

The Marriage

This is where you sign your name away on the dotted line- in either scenario. If you are really all in, you might even sign a pre-nup, which is equivalent to a non-compete in the corporate world. The deed is done and you are now in holy partnership.

The Decision to Stay or Leave

This is the final step. Besides death (which you normally don’t have a decision in), there are no more steps along the way.

Just like your marriage at home, the honeymoon period is blissful. Everything is perfect! Both of you discuss who will do what, the smallest tasks are done with a smile and life is amazing. Jobs have that same period. It normally is during your training period. You get to meet your colleagues and you are pretty much the center of attention. Everyone is happy to help with questions and you can’t believe that you got so lucky!

Just like in any relationship, those “charming” imperfections creep back in. Now the relationship is not as new and it might be downright irritating now. Maybe you don’t feel valued or listened to? Maybe this was not what you thought it was going to be. What are you going to do now?

In a marriage or at work, the decision to stay or leave is always yours alone. You might question whether it is right or wrong to stay at different points in your life. This is normal.

If you do decide to start over, whether at home or work, this process will start over again. Some people get stuck in a vicious cycle of starting over again and again. They are always looking for something “better.” If this pattern starts to appear in your life, it might be time to ask yourself if it is actually you. No one or job in this world is without faults.

What are you going to do when the honeymoon has ended?

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