Tantam Health expanded their scope of services to include occupational health clinics, occupational health management services and chronic condition management.

GLENVIEW, IL, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2017– Tantam Health entered the worksite clinic space in early 2017 with an experienced leadership team looking to raise industry standards with innovative solutions and teamwork. The team has set themselves apart in the industry and has already taken on new services and partners.

Tantam Health has been able to expand their scope of employee healthcare solutions to include worksite clinicsoccupational health clinics, occupational health management services, chronic condition management and more.

Striving to change the industry and expand access to on-site employee health, Tantam announced a new pricing and set-up model for work-site clinics that eliminates upfront costs yet still delivers a wide scope of services.

“I believe the modern patient has completely changed. Our patients are extremely knowledgeable and demand proactive care. Service providers, especially in healthcare, need to get out of the 80’s and 90’s practices and build a culture of now. Tantam Health is investing a lot of resources into innovative solutions, development and technology, so we can offer what our patients need and want. We would hate to be a company that missed the future,” said Umer Nasim, MD, CEO of Tantam Health.

Tantam has also recently partnered with Health Beyond Insurance (HBI) to expand their national provider network and give employees access to providers in a broad range of specialties. This has significantly improved their ability to effectively manage occupational health services for their clients.

To supplement expansion efforts, Tantam is inviting visitors to explore its new website. The new site provides a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality. Visit http://www.tantamhealth.com to learn more.

About Tantam Health: Tantam takes a team-based approach in their worksite healthcare delivery model. The unique structure of their team, with 25+ years of healthcare management experience, allows them to deliver on the expectations of their clients, their employees and their partners. They are committed to a culture of collaboration and engagement that transforms employee health solutions for their clients.

Carey Coghlin
Tantam Health

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