New pricing structure aimed at small to mid-size employer groups


Tantam Health welcomes all size employer groups to a new world of NO CONTRACT worksite clinics. The company’s new month-to-month pricing structure makes long contracts and large upfront fees a thing of the past.

Employers recognize that worksite clinics are an excellent solution for employee health. The major barriers preventing them from moving forward with worksite clinics often include long-term contract apprehensions and daunting upfront costs. Because of this, employers, as well as their employees, miss out on the benefits worksite clinics create. Today, Tantam Health is going to reinvent the worksite clinic by making it more accessible to all employers.

“Tantam breaks industry standards.”

Taking a simplistic approach, Tantam Health has created a new pricing and set-up model for work-site clinics. Tantam breaks industry standards,” said Carey Coughlin, President of Sales for Tantam Health. “Our team, and the infrastructure we have in place, sets Tantam and our clients up for long-term success with this no-term agreement model.”

With this new pricing structure, Tantam will

-Implement a clinic within 30 days
-Eliminate up-front costs
-Deliver a wide scope of services.

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About Tantam Health: Tantam takes a team-based approach in their worksite healthcare delivery model. The unique structure of their team, with 25+ years of healthcare management experience, allows them to deliver on the expectations of their clients, their employees and their partners. They are committed to a culture of collaboration and engagement that transforms employee health solutions for their clients.

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