Umer Nasim, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Umer Nasim, MD, Chief Executive Officer for Tantam Health, Inc. brings a unique combination of healthcare management and IT experience with an eye for innovation and data-driven strategic planning. In the past, Umer has managed a diverse project portfolio consisting of healthcare data analysis, population health management, implementation of complex claims data processing and analytic tools, product feasibility, and other innovation and technology implementation in healthcare. Umer has held such titles as Chief Operations Officer (COO), Director of Operations, Medical Manager and Business Manager.

Umer received his medical degree in 2012. Prior to this, he earned his Master’s in Computer Science. He has contributed to medical research publications as the primary author and serves as a co-author of a book on ICU and respiratory infections.

Umer has lived in five different countries and is a travel enthusiast. In addition, he is an active member of many charitable organizations that promote literacy in underdeveloped countries.

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